Getting Started

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Welcome to my blog! Here’s what you can expect going forward, by category.

The drawings:

Cubical wall shot with notes

If you were to drop by my cubical at work, you’d probably first notice the mass of paper scraps pinned above my computer. A few of them are practical: how to properly set up a vlookup in Excel based on a book’s ISBN, how to format bi-directional links in an epub, the time difference between India and DC, etc. By and large, though, these scraps are doodles.

"Me Not Worrying" doodle panickingIt’s a coping mechanism mostly. There is something about drawing a freaked out doodle guy that helps make my own sense of panic less stressful and more comical. Plus, looking up from my screen to a wall of doodles makes me smile. Doodles offer more immediate gratification than finished artwork and are more emotive than a plain text message or an emoticon. Why text my husband a : ( when I’m letting him know I’m not feeling well when I can send this instead:

Sick Doodle Guy With Kleenex BoxOver time, my doodles became less emotional responses and more complex commentaries. And then something new entered the equation: a Samsung Note smartphone. I’ve always been a little reluctant to post my drawing to the web because they always appeared so unfinished. They were serviceable for a facebook post or to text to friends and family, but never looked “done” enough. I have an old drawing tablet, but its software is no longer compatible with my newer computer. My phone screen is small, but serviceable. The added bonus of going digital: the undo button.

For those of you who are friends with me on facebook, you might see some repeat content on this blog as I clean up and repost my older comics and doodles.

The cats:

These are my cats. They are asymmetrical and I love them.Photo of both kittens

Fafnir is a handsome 9 month-old tabby male with a clipped ear:Fafnir For Blog

Grendel is a 7-month-old female black kitten of doom with one scarred eye:Grendel For Blog

If their names are weirding you out, go read up on some Norse mythology » (Fafnir & Grendel )

I’ve spent a majority of my life wanting a feline companion and now that I’m out of my parent’s house (where only caged animals were allowed), working full time (yay money for cat food!), and in an apartment with reasonable pet rent, I finally have them. So much happiness!

Mind you, no sooner did I bring my kittens home than one developed a respiratory infection, the other almost lost her eye to a similar infection, and they both had their own battle with ear mites. So many vet visits! (Also, I am now an expert at giving cats eye drops.)

I will be posting some of my favorite photos and videos of this deadly duo here from time to time and probably do a small feature on how hilarious Grendel was with a cone on her head. Isn’t she adorable:

Coned Grendel

The Posts:

I probably won’t “blog” too often. I have a few ideas and thoughts bouncing in my head that I’d like to finalize into something like a personal essay someday, but such ideas don’t come nearly as often as I draw a doodle or see my cats do something cute. Tentative topics include: novel writing, articularing what makes bad fiction so bad, describing that day I spent at a cat adoption event with some crazy cat ladies, and explaining why cooking is good for the soul.

The Arting:

“Arting” is my catch-all term for creative projects ranging from a detailed painting, to sculpture, to cut out paper snowflakes.

I’ve tried and failed several times to create a finished online portolio of my work. Writing about existing work just never held my attention the way actually creating the work does. Rather than repeat my past mistakes, this time around I have no plans to post all of my art here. I’ll just be posting my favorites, and the ones with fun backstories.

The Writer:

For those who find this blog on their own, rather than by knowing me, a little background on me can be found on the About page.


Thanks for reading and I hope I succeed in making you laugh or at least smile in the days to come.