Paper Snowflakes – High School


Back in high school, I would go from class to class with a mini craft scissors, a protractor, blank paper, and a pen bag. During lectures or presentations and in between scribbling down notes, I’d cut out paper snowflakes. The pen bag held my tools, and also was a good dump site for keeping the scraps. I figured if any objections were to be raised, it’d be centered around my making a mess, so I avoided that.

But my teachers did not object–due probably in part to my being a pretty decent student. I got homework in on time, did fine on tests, and spoke during discussions, so I was clearly paying attention, even if my hands were busy with other work. It was just a more 3D mode of doodling. Or maybe my behavior was just too far down on my teachers’ priorities–why go after the student cutting out snowflakes when there are kids texting and gaming on their phones during class?

Anyway, I often left the snowflakes behind on my desk for whoever wanted them. It was the process I loved and I made so many, I had little use for keeping them. Sometimes they showed up the next day tacked up on the wall. I didn’t document all the snowflakes, but I did capture pictures of some of them, mostly using the camera on our school laptops. I’ve since progressed to larger paper and xacto blades, but that will be for another post.

Here now is the back log of my high school snowflake making:


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