Grendel & Cone Licking

Cats spend a significant amount of their day grooming themselves. It stands to reason, then, that having a cone stuck on their head for a few weeks preventing them from grooming can make any cat go a little crazy.

Grendel got into the habit of licking her cone, especially when we were petting her. Presumably, it was her way of going through the motions of grooming herself, even if she wasn’t able to get her tongue onto more than smooth plastic.

Interestingly, Grendel wasn’t that cuddly of a kitten prior her cone-head ordeal. Having to rely on us to get those itchy spots has made her much more petting-friendly. She still hasn’t mellowed to a lap cat just yet, but it is nice to have her wandering over to paw our leg or mew to be pet. Mind you, she usually does so when my hands are full in the kitchen or at 2:00am, but I’ll take what I can get.



New to the site and curious what’s going on with her eye? Check out The Vet Visit Saga post for the details. Don’t worry, she’s almost all better now. : )


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