Maternity Leave

19_Maternity leave.png

Happy mothers day to all those brave women out there who either by choice or perhaps accident have entered into that terrifying state called Motherhood! You have my deepest respect.

Sure, this comic is a bit of an exaggeration, but when I was finishing up my last day working at a car parts factory during my college summer break, my coworkers advice to me was as follows: “Don’t take out any more loans if you can help it.” And, “don’t get pregnant.” Sure, they knew I was already engaged at that point and getting married in less than 6 months, but as they stressed “kids are expensive.” Well, I guess our savings account can be labeled “in case the car dies” and “in case I get pregnant” emergency funds.

Also this still makes me laugh, even if it’s in a “wow, what a messed up society we live in” sort of way:

Happy Mother’s Day! Here’s hoping employers will come to see the value of giving employees paid family leave without the necessity of government oversight. Not holding my breath on it, but it’d sure be nice…


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