Cats in Boxes

Awhile back, I posted a comic about getting a food processor. What I didn’t mention at the time was that the food processor came in a box inside a box inside a much larger box because I’d ordered several other items at the same time.

Big box

Obviously, once I’d brought it inside, the cats did not see packaging to glorious kitchen items. They saw a new play structure and chew toy. Here’s a gathering of photos, gifs, and a video of the giant-box event.

* * *

First off, Fafnir being cute up on the box:


Then Grendel being…well, Grendel, in her attempts to climb my leg and check out what I was doing (I know, she’s such a photogenic kitten).


All boxes must be chewed on:


giphy (11)

giphy (12)

giphy (13)
(Back left)

Playing about:




Taking a quick break from all the box inspecting and Fafnir finding odd positions to fall asleep in (this is thriller?):


Grendel claiming a new hideaway:




Back to play:


And lastly, a video of their battling around the boxes:


And that concludes, the box adventure.

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