Doodle Art

I suppose you could call these my own take on the current “Adult Coloring Book” craze that has been surging for the last year or two. Instead of coloring in someone else’s pattern though, I’ve drawn the lines for these ones myself.

Take 1:


This first one I did awhile back as a way to pass a weekend. I doodle patterns frequently enough on the edges of note pads, papers, etc, but I wanted to see how those patterns would hold up if I treated them more seriously.

Instead of a ballpoint pen and scrap paper, I grabbed my India ink, my cheap but serviceable quill pen (not the cumbersome feather sort, but this guy), some sturdier paper, and just started doodling.


While I liked the black and white effects well enough, I decided to color it in using some of the turquoise colored India ink  I had on hand as well as some coffee (I love painting and dying with coffee, but that is a matter for another post). The end result went pretty well. I hung it up in my cubical as a splash of color to the otherwise drab decor.


Take 2:


Despite my love of all my doodle comics, I’d recently started to feel like my work space felt rather cluttered. Additionally, now that I’m working on refining my doodle comics to something a bit more finished, it was hard not to look on my paper versions in a critical manner.  (“That guys head turned out too big.” “I didn’t place that speech bubble very well.” “Wow my handwriting sucks!” etc.) I decided I’d rather have some more art to hang up and make things look more organize.

So I got out my ink again, chose a larger page size and apparently only paused to snap one progress shot because I could find no others to post here:


This time I didn’t use coffee and stuck to shades of my black and blue inks (they’re the only colors I have). It took me a a few weeks to finished, but mostly because I kept having other projects I wanted to get done first. It’s finished now and hanging up at work adding some beauty to my dusty allergy-aggravating cubical walls.

The madness of before (with a few of my practice pattern-scribbles scattered in):

Cubical wall shot with notes

And after:




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