Fafnir & Coffee

Nate and I suspect that Fafnir thinks we’re drinking cat piss every morning. I say this because every time he gets a whiff of our coffee, he begins fervently to try and bury it as if he’d just gotten a good sniff of his litter box.

Most like the acidity of the smell triggers an automatic response, and he isn’t really thinking it through, but it’s still hilarious. Nate usually adds in a little commentary of Fafnir’s thoughts: “What are you guys drink? Is it good? Ewww, nasty! What’s wrong with you people?” He usually makes several passes during our morning breakfast routine to double check if the coffee is still there and whether he’s covered it adequately.

And yes, my coffee mug is shaped like a dragon:


(Available at Think Geek when it’s not out of stock…)


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