Spinning Kitten

I was trying to repair some rather well-worn books over the weekend by replacing the dry and cracking masking tape that had been holding them together with some stronger clear tape. Grendel, true to her name sake, was being a little monster throughout the process. She kept attacking the tape, trying to bite my scissors, and by all means possible get in the way. My attempts to dissuade her with squirts from a water bottle were to no avail.

She grabbed a piece of the masking tape I’d ripped off a book and began to play with it, but then it got stuck to her tail…and the spinning kitten was created:

She’d already made three or four rotations before I went and got my phone to film her. I can’t help wondering how long she’d have kept going if I hadn’t taken it off her.

Also note Fafnir in the background. I have to wonder what he was thinking…


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