Reading with Cats

Earlier this year, I settled down on the couch to read the very, very wonderful The Food Lab by J. Kenji López-Alt. (I love this book! I could gush for a whole separate post on it and probably will in the near future, but moving on…)


Fafnir thought it ought to be petting time, not reading time, and seeing as my lap was occupied, he flopped down on my stomach.


With the book too heavy to hold up off my lap with one hand (the other Fafnir demanded), reading was a bit difficult whenever I got to the bottom of the pages.


And then there is this wonderful face judging me for photographing him and not petting him. : )


Window Perch


Shortly after we moved to our new apartment, we noticed that the cats really liked being able to look out the window. They could watch all the foot traffic of people coming and going, watch the birds in the bushes, and the squirrels running across the sidewalk.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much of a window ledge and at that point, neither cat was particularly well balanced. Fafnir was still young and Grendel was getting used to wearing a cone on her head. We improvised with chairs, blankets, and pillows.

We really don’t own many chairs, and constantly disassembling and reassembling their perch got a bit old. Thankfully, we had some scrap wood from our move. One of our bookshelves did not survive the transition, and I’d saved away the shelves for possible use later. A few screws, some command hook velcro (to keep it from falling over), and a blanket for grip and we were in business:

However, things were still a bit tight, so I sawed up the last spare shelf  expanded the cat perch to the full window length:

The question now is, do I need to make another shelf for the bedroom window?




My proposed explanation for the proliferation of Papyrus in Protestantism:

  • Why not a nondescript font?
    • The perpetrators wants their text to stand out and look more “biblical”
  • Why not a blackletter font, then? Like Old English? or Goudy Text?
    • These are not always as legible and most of these Papyrus infractions are on signage, power point slides, or book covers
    • Being protestant and often emphasizing the authority of the bible over the authority of tradition, they want it to look first-draft biblical. Not part of an illuminated bible in a monastery, but like something hidden in a cave in Israel.
    • On that note then, a fancy script text might strike some as too Catholic while Papyrus in all it’s flaws is at least a bit more denomination-neutral.
  • And thus…


The Coming Doom


* * *

Neither of our cats like the sound of the garbage disposal and no matter how peacefully they were sleeping a moment before, the sound of it will wake them right up. Grendel becomes a complete blur at the sound, but Fafnir usually takes a wide-eyed and perked-ears moment to assess the problem. Perhaps I’m a bad pet-owner, but I really do love the faces Fafnir pulls when he’s anxious.


Cat Nap

As I’ve said before, our cat’s aren’t really lap-cats. They do, however, sometimes consent to let us slip into their favorite chair with them. Nate decided he wanted to read, and then later take a nap. Either the cats enjoyed his company or (as is often the case) they were just too lazy to relocate.

Hopping cats

One of our cats is pretty good at jumping. The other one.. not so much.

Fafnir really enjoys jumping over things. Even if he’s on the same side of a box or some furniture as Grendel, he’d rather walk to the other side and then jump over something to pounce on her instead. It’s frankly pretty adorable to watch.