Scaredy Cat Grendel

Here’s a little gathering of photos and videos of our little Halloween-kitty, Grendel. Despite her superior fighting skills to her brother, Grendel is usually the more likely to be scared or startled. Given her black fur and bad eye, I’d say she pulls off the bushy-tailed pose pretty well.

* * *

In this instances, Grendel had just noticed Fafnir across the room and for some reason saw him as more of at threat than usual.

2015-11-29 09.11.3620151129_091000

20151129_091150* * *

In this case, it was the same story again. Grendel was playing around, noticed Fafnir across the way in the bedroom, and just got really excited.

* * *

And this one I suppose could be called my fault. I’d been surfing the web on my phone one morning and apparently sitting too still because when I got up to finish getting ready for work, Grendel bolted into a corner and Fafnir – probably responding more to her than to me – ran for the bedroom. Fafnir eventually wandered back out to see what was going on, and Grendel in turn decided to treat him as the threat.


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