Text Doodles: Warhammer

These are not part of a finished comic, but rather a little sampler of the fun I had the other day using my phone’s drawing function when texting my husband.

Background notes: My husband collects and plays Warhammer Age of SigmarThe little warrior chick I drew was a Sister of Avelorn (I’d bought him a set of them for his birthday) and later on, I also was (attempting) to draw a Sylvaneth Treelord and the Handmaiden of the Everqueen

* * *

Nate: Rested enough. Heading out to Games Workshop. Hoping to find a battle!

Sarah: Oh, my poor failed pacifist.





Sarah: Having so much fun

…various other texts between us, then Nate not responding…

Sarah: I’m assuming from your silence that you’ve found camaraderie?

Nate: Nope. Not yet.

Nate: Waiting till 1:45 then heading home defeated.



Nate: You are having too much fun.

Sarah: I don’t know what you’re talking about.


If you can’t read my scrawl: “She’s laughing again” “Weird” And it’s suppose to be me drawing on my phone at work in my cubical…



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