My proposed explanation for the proliferation of Papyrus in Protestantism:

  • Why not a nondescript font?
    • The perpetrators wants their text to stand out and look more “biblical”
  • Why not a blackletter font, then? Like Old English? or Goudy Text?
    • These are not always as legible and most of these Papyrus infractions are on signage, power point slides, or book covers
    • Being protestant and often emphasizing the authority of the bible over the authority of tradition, they want it to look first-draft biblical. Not part of an illuminated bible in a monastery, but like something hidden in a cave in Israel.
    • On that note then, a fancy script text might strike some as too Catholic while Papyrus in all it’s flaws is at least a bit more denomination-neutral.
  • And thus…



4 thoughts on “Papyrus

      1. It is! It is an elegant, understated font. I know people – editors, writers – who don’t like it, claiming it’s “plain” and unimaginative, but I don’t get it. Sometimes you want a font that doesn’t detract from the actual words. :)

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