Window Perch


Shortly after we moved to our new apartment, we noticed that the cats really liked being able to look out the window. They could watch all the foot traffic of people coming and going, watch the birds in the bushes, and the squirrels running across the sidewalk.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much of a window ledge and at that point, neither cat was particularly well balanced. Fafnir was still young and Grendel was getting used to wearing a cone on her head. We improvised with chairs, blankets, and pillows.

We really don’t own many chairs, and constantly disassembling and reassembling their perch got a bit old. Thankfully, we had some scrap wood from our move. One of our bookshelves did not survive the transition, and I’d saved away the shelves for possible use later. A few screws, some command hook velcro (to keep it from falling over), and a blanket for grip and we were in business:

However, things were still a bit tight, so I sawed up the last spare shelf  expanded the cat perch to the full window length:

The question now is, do I need to make another shelf for the bedroom window?



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