Writer’s Cat


For the cat behind the comic see: Writer’s Cat – Extra.


Writer’s Cat – Extra

Here are some photos of the kitten behind the Writer’s Cat comic. Grendel just loves helping me with my writing. And by helping, she means lying on top of my first draft, rubbing her face all over my computer, and generally getting in the way.


Blanket Fort

I recently washed one of our blankets and decided to let it air dry instead of putting it through the dryer. Fafnir, however, decided it was actually a cat fort.


Fafnir: Hm… I think I like this place.


Fafnir: Human, why do you keep making weird noises? Must I always be looking at your camera when you are taking pictures?


And then Grendel became curious. Luckily for him, she lost interest fairly quickly.


Fafnir: It’s too hot…

It was memorial weekend when I shot these and I think Fafnir pretty adequately portrays how I felt about not running the air conditioning.


Fafnir: I’m not coming out. I’m comfy.




Happy rolling over cat.


Happy “I’m okay belly-up” cat.


And later…

Fafnir: Changed my mind. I will sit on top of my fort instead.

Text Doodles: Warhammer

These are not part of a finished comic, but rather a little sampler of the fun I had the other day using my phone’s drawing function when texting my husband.

Background notes: My husband collects and plays Warhammer Age of SigmarThe little warrior chick I drew was a Sister of Avelorn (I’d bought him a set of them for his birthday) and later on, I also was (attempting) to draw a Sylvaneth Treelord and the Handmaiden of the Everqueen

* * *

Nate: Rested enough. Heading out to Games Workshop. Hoping to find a battle!

Sarah: Oh, my poor failed pacifist.





Sarah: Having so much fun

…various other texts between us, then Nate not responding…

Sarah: I’m assuming from your silence that you’ve found camaraderie?

Nate: Nope. Not yet.

Nate: Waiting till 1:45 then heading home defeated.



Nate: You are having too much fun.

Sarah: I don’t know what you’re talking about.


If you can’t read my scrawl: “She’s laughing again” “Weird” And it’s suppose to be me drawing on my phone at work in my cubical…




Sure, I can forward on my emails to one account, but if I had a nickle for every time I jumped over to Books Partner Center only to be prompted to create an account (because I was still logged into my person email) or gone over to gmail and faced the same problem (because I was still logged into my work email account)… well, I could probably only buy a candy bar with my earnings, but it’s still irksome.

I now rely on using multiple internet browsers, keeping Firefox logged on to my work email and Chrome to my personal emails. But, then again I still get plenty of email alerts thinking that I’m some nefarious person hacking my husband’s email when I’m really just sifting it to look for the confirmation email for our car insurance payment…

I also can’t help laughing when Google+ suggests I befriend myself : P

Scaredy Cat Grendel

Here’s a little gathering of photos and videos of our little Halloween-kitty, Grendel. Despite her superior fighting skills to her brother, Grendel is usually the more likely to be scared or startled. Given her black fur and bad eye, I’d say she pulls off the bushy-tailed pose pretty well.

* * *

In this instances, Grendel had just noticed Fafnir across the room and for some reason saw him as more of at threat than usual.

2015-11-29 09.11.3620151129_091000

20151129_091150* * *

In this case, it was the same story again. Grendel was playing around, noticed Fafnir across the way in the bedroom, and just got really excited.

* * *

And this one I suppose could be called my fault. I’d been surfing the web on my phone one morning and apparently sitting too still because when I got up to finish getting ready for work, Grendel bolted into a corner and Fafnir – probably responding more to her than to me – ran for the bedroom. Fafnir eventually wandered back out to see what was going on, and Grendel in turn decided to treat him as the threat.



This idea came to mind after overhearing some of my editor coworkers bemoaning how clunky a blurb on one of their books sounded because they had to rework it without a gender-neutral singular pronoun. Mostly I just wanted to pop up and say “Oh, just use ‘they’ already. Let it be a thing!”

Alas, it is not universally accepted in written American English yet, and especially in academic publishing, I suspect change will come slowly. Let every student enjoy his or her textbook’s resources, I guess…