Fafnir and his hair tie: 2

Fafnir likes playing fetch. Sure, it’s strange cat behavior, but it’s a fun game to play (And a lot easier than running around the house with a string for him to chase). Sometimes I’ll turn around in the kitchen and find him patiently sitting with the hair tie in front of him, just waiting for me to¬†throw it. Other times, he’ll jump up next to us on the couch (we assume to be pet), but then he promptly drops a hair tie on our lap and starts batting at it to indicate what he wants us to do.

He’s started bringing other toys to us too – like his mouse toy or a game dice, but there’s something special about how a hair tie can zip across the room that he just can’t resist.

In this one he’s playing with a milk ring. We don’t let him play with them anymore though because he started chewing on and eating the plastic.


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