Sometimes I worry if I’m doing okay as a cat-owner.

What if they need more space than our one bedroom apartment? What if we leave them home alone too often? Should I be playing with them more? Pet them more? Pick them up more? Pick them up less? Give them better food? More food? Less food? And so on with the worrying…

But then I’ll look over at Fafnir, lolling about belly-up, and think “Yep, that’s one contented cat; maybe I’m doing okay.”


Fafnir apparently missed the cat memo that bellies are off limits because he frequently lies around on his back and not only lets us pet his belly but doesn’t proceed to claw and bite us afterwards. Most times, he just mellows out even more into a floppy kitty blob. That combined with his joy in playing “fetch the hair-tie” and I think our cat might just think he’s a dog.

Here’s a compilation of his lackadaisical upside-down poses:


See also from the post Fafnir Rolling:


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