Fafnir in the Tissue Box… Again


I’m not sure what to say about the fact that Fafnir regularly gets his head stuck inside our tissue boxes. On the one hand, he isn’t exactly “stuck.” He has proven, after that first incident that he is capable of getting himself out. But on the other hand, I’d think he’d have come up with a better method to get things out of the boxes by now that didn’t involve lodging his head inside them.

On this occasion, he was being oddly insistent and I’d already pulled the box of his head two times before I decide to start filming him. (If you’re wondering why I have a box of tissues on my porch, the answer: allergies suck).

After he started backing himself along, I quit filming to make sure he didn’t back himself off the edge. It was after pulling it off and placing it far away from the edge that I noticed a small beetle chilling at the bottom of the box.


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