A Cat Tree and a Feather Fetching Feline

Well, I guess there is no denying it now. My cats are spoiled. Before, I could at least claim to be thrifty about it—making toys and puzzles for them out of boxes and game dice and hair ties. I let them go out on our deck to enjoy fresh air, but their dry food was just a quality brand, not organic-locally-sourced-gourmet.

But this last weekend, I couldn’t resist the temptation of a cat tree. Nate and I had already speculated it would be a nice addition come winter when it’d get too cold for us to leave the porch door open for the cats to mill around outside. And seeing as Petsmart was running a Labor day weekend sale… why wait until winter?

Thus, we brought this beautiful contraption home with us:


After an excited battle with the feather toy that came with it, it was promptly deemed an appropriate napping spot. Their existing scratching post had always been the contested spot to sit. Now, there are more perches available than cats to fill them. : )

We re-positioned the post and cleared off the tops of our bookshelves so they might continue their exploration of the places of up. And they have been thoroughly content ever since.

That feather toy (which I’d shrugged off as “well, if it comes with it, sure) turned out to be just what they’ve been craving. Grendel prefers to lock her jaws on it, like she’s crushing the throat of a sparrow, and run away to gnaw on it in peace, but Fafnir realized that if he brought it back to us, we could make it fly again, just like with his hair tie. And thus, another round of fetch:


Also, of out two cats, Grendel is usually the more elegant. At least, in contrast to Fafnir:



When it comes to hunting though, Grendel loses all dignity. Her eyes are on the prize and she prefers to jump first and think later. Which can lead to such graceful instance while we were playing with her as this:


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