Hidden Grendel

Black cats are wonderful, but owning a completely-black feline has its consequences. Just the other day, I did a weird jump step to avoid stepping on the cat sprawled across the floor only to realize I’d only dodged a sweatshirt. On the flip side, I’ve bumped into what I thought was a shoe on the floor only to have tiny teeth and claws sink into my foot and inform me otherwise.

Shoe impersonation are kind of her favorite.

And while many cats like to hide in luggage, the probability that I might actually fail to realize she’s in there is high.

Also, I think Grendel’s finally getting over her vet-anxieties. She actually decided to chill in the carrier after we left it out – though it took seeing her big pink mouth in a yawn before I noticed she was doing it.

And lastly, Grendel’s new favorite spot to hide – a black storage box I turned on its side when the top lid broke:


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