More Paper Snowflakes

Most years, round about Thanksgiving I pull my large roll of paper out of the closet, check how many fresh blades I have, get out my cutting mat and pencils, and start making my snowflakes for the season. This year, I haven’t even begun (I blame the lack of snow in Maryland). I can, however, at least post to my blog about the paper snowflakes of Christmas past.

While I was at college, I graduated not just from scissors to xacto blades, but from plain ol’ letter sized paper to giant rolls of paper. Once I’d figured out how to make loopier and more intricate flakes, it was hard going back.

These are just the finished shots for a quick reference library of images. Details, such as the templates or back stories to the more unique flakes (i.e. Charmander Evolution or the”Simplify” Flake), will probably come in the form of separate blog posts later on.

See also: Paper Snowflakes – High School


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