Getting Along

This last weekend marked a grand occasion: Grendel and Caliban cuddled.

As stated in past posts: our older black cat didn’t much care for the addition of a younger black cat to the family. She’s never hurt him, but hissing is fairly common. Cal could care less and tends to go about his business as if she’s just being crazy for making such a big deal out of things. They enjoy chasing one another around the apartment from time to time and even play fighting, but they’ve never cuddled.

Surprise struck then on Sunday. Caliban had been napping for a good hour or so with Fafnir on the lazy-boy. Caliban in his usual tight ball and Fafnir sprawling out to fill the rest of the space in his very-dignified manner:


Then after Caliban woke up and realized Nate and I were no longer in the living room, but had moved to the dining room, he got up and trotted in to join us. Grendel was occupying the window perch–which is one of his favorite spots since it gives him a great vantage point of the bird-filled bush below. Instead of sitting on the vast empty expanse to Grendel’s right, he hopped up and squished himself on her left on top of a lamp and some notebooks.

We expected Grendel to wake up and give him a good smack in the head for encroaching, but to our astonishment, after Caliban chirped a few times, Grendel woke up, re-positioned herself to face him, and started grooming him!

Now it’s possible she was well behaved because she was too tired to care, but I’m crossing my fingers that this the beginning of an awesome black cat duo instead. They stayed like that for awhile, though it looked a bit like Cal had been decapitated.



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