Rough draft: Do Not Resuscitate


As I mentioned, I’m a bit too busy to be drawing up final comics, but here is a rough draft I drew up because, well, drawing helps me vent frustration.


Status Update

text doodles_37

Hello current followers and new people who have or will be stumbling across my blog,

Just wanted to let you know that my posting is currently on hiatus, but I intend to return!

When I started this blog, I had not only lots of ideas, but the time to bring them to life. But lately, that time has been otherwise allocated. I decided to go back to school for a second Bachelors (Computer Science this time) and I’m still working a full time job. Which means: no time for comic drawing or blog posts.

I’m stashing away ideas for when time returns though. Hopefully I can throw up some short one-panel doodle comics from time to time, but otherwise, I plan to return post graduation (Current ETA August 2018).

In the meantime, if you were here for the cats, they have an Instagram account now: Monstrous Felines


I find it’s a much more manageable format for my many cat pictures and videos than WordPress or YouTube ever were, so cat-related content will probably be mostly there going forward.

Thank you to everyone whose likes, follows, and comments have brightened my day and made content creation fun! I look forward to returning.