The Blog:

Book Hoarder Blogging is a blog by a bookish-minded, cat-loving doodler who is also obsessed with spreadsheets. Content will include:

  1. doodle-comics about life, books, and office work,
  2. photos and videos of my crazy cats,
  3. the occasional traditional blog post, and
  4. pictures of my artwork.

Mostly, it’ll be those first two. So if you like comics and cat videos, you’re in the right place.

The Writer/Artist:

I’m a Midwesterner currently residing in Maryland. I’m close enough to DC to suffer from traffic, but far enough to avoid the politicians. I work in publishing (specifically ebooks), but have dreams of being a computer programmer (taking classes part-time to that end). I love reading lots and lots of books, taking lots of pictures of my three cats, drawing short comic strips, cooking new and delicious foods, fiddle with spreadsheets, and attempting to write a novel worth publishing. My favorite works of literature are Beowulf and Persuasion.

The Cats:


Fafnir is a male tabby with a clipped ear, a white bib, and white socks that cover all but one of his toes. He likes lying around belly up, pulling strange faces, cuddling up with us for naps, and getting his head stuck inside tissue boxes, repeatedly.


Grendel is a black kitten-of-doom who nearly lost her left eye to an infection. She enjoys running full speed around the apartment with a bushy tail, chattering at me whenever I sneeze or cough, and play fighting with Fafnir until he yowls at her to stop biting his neck.

Photo of both kittens

We adopted them late September 2015 at which point Grendel was 2 months old and they guess-timated that Fafnir was 5 months old. You can run the math on how old they are as you read this from there. If you’re curious about their monstrous namesakes, you can brush up on your Norse mythology here and here.


Caliban is our most recent addition. He was found inside a car engine, just after the 2017 New Years. We volunteered to take him in for awhile and handle his vet care. Not surprisingly, he has since hollowed out a hole for himself in our hearts and become a permanent resident. We think he was 6 weeks old when we found him. His monstrous namesake comes to us via The Bard’s The Tempest. I like abbreviating his name to just “Cal”.



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