Rough draft: Do Not Resuscitate


As I mentioned, I’m a bit too busy to be drawing up final comics, but here is a rough draft I drew up because, well, drawing helps me vent frustration.


Facebook and Politics


Note: None of the doodle people drawn here are meant to represent or look like any particular friends or family members. Most hair and clothing choices were just an attempt to make people look unique.

The last year or so has been eye opening. Not just because of the presidential election, but because there have been SO many hot button issues making their waves through social media. Police shootings, LGBT rights, terrorist attacks (and our responses to), mass shootings, the refugee crisis, planned parenthood…the list goes on and on.

Previously, I could suspect, but I rarely out right knew the different views of those in my community. Now I get continual updates on their latest opinions of current events available right on my phone or computer. Shared videos and news articles and sometimes just the fact of which captioned photos people “like”. Our sense of humors is heavily dependent on our world view after all. (Hidden Brain episode on just that can be found here.)

Honestly, it’s been rough for me. I can’t deny that people I love and respect have vastly different views of the world not only from one another, but from myself–sometimes views that I flat out disagree with. Even when the election is over, I’ll still have to deal with that. I can’t return to ignorance, nor do I except people to let me. Facebook will remain political.

So maybe a comic will help me cope. Maybe not. But I hope some other people can relate to my experience, at least.