Just a quick doodle comic. It felt great to be drawing again. Can’t wait until I have more time to do so!


Fafnir and his hair tie: 2

Fafnir likes playing fetch. Sure, it’s strange cat behavior, but it’s a fun game to play (And a lot easier than running around the house with a string for him to chase). Sometimes I’ll turn around in the kitchen and find him patiently sitting with the hair tie in front of him, just waiting for me to throw it. Other times, he’ll jump up next to us on the couch (we assume to be pet), but then he promptly drops a hair tie on our lap and starts batting at it to indicate what he wants us to do.

He’s started bringing other toys to us too – like his mouse toy or a game dice, but there’s something special about how a hair tie can zip across the room that he just can’t resist.

In this one he’s playing with a milk ring. We don’t let him play with them anymore though because he started chewing on and eating the plastic.

Reading with Cats

Earlier this year, I settled down on the couch to read the very, very wonderful The Food Lab by J. Kenji López-Alt. (I love this book! I could gush for a whole separate post on it and probably will in the near future, but moving on…)


Fafnir thought it ought to be petting time, not reading time, and seeing as my lap was occupied, he flopped down on my stomach.


With the book too heavy to hold up off my lap with one hand (the other Fafnir demanded), reading was a bit difficult whenever I got to the bottom of the pages.


And then there is this wonderful face judging me for photographing him and not petting him. : )

The Coming Doom


* * *

Neither of our cats like the sound of the garbage disposal and no matter how peacefully they were sleeping a moment before, the sound of it will wake them right up. Grendel becomes a complete blur at the sound, but Fafnir usually takes a wide-eyed and perked-ears moment to assess the problem. Perhaps I’m a bad pet-owner, but I really do love the faces Fafnir pulls when he’s anxious.


Writer’s Cat – Extra

Here are some photos of the kitten behind the Writer’s Cat comic. Grendel just loves helping me with my writing. And by helping, she means lying on top of my first draft, rubbing her face all over my computer, and generally getting in the way.


Blanket Fort

I recently washed one of our blankets and decided to let it air dry instead of putting it through the dryer. Fafnir, however, decided it was actually a cat fort.


Fafnir: Hm… I think I like this place.


Fafnir: Human, why do you keep making weird noises? Must I always be looking at your camera when you are taking pictures?


And then Grendel became curious. Luckily for him, she lost interest fairly quickly.


Fafnir: It’s too hot…

It was memorial weekend when I shot these and I think Fafnir pretty adequately portrays how I felt about not running the air conditioning.


Fafnir: I’m not coming out. I’m comfy.




Happy rolling over cat.


Happy “I’m okay belly-up” cat.


And later…

Fafnir: Changed my mind. I will sit on top of my fort instead.