Rough draft: Do Not Resuscitate


As I mentioned, I’m a bit too busy to be drawing up final comics, but here is a rough draft I drew up because, well, drawing helps me vent frustration.




Sometimes my work consist of monotonous tasks like uploading files into a database or verifying that title records were set up properly. I don’t much mind repetitive tasks, though, and the work is made all the more enjoyable when I can put in my headphones and listen to some Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! podcasts. The one downside: it’s really hard for me to not break out laughing while listening.



Perhaps I am the only one with this anxiety, but I hope not… Doesn’t matter if I’m wearing brand new shoes, definitely showered and am wearing new socks, my first fear is that I’m the source of a strange smell.

Introvert Struggles: Lunch



Nate: Is it really that unnerving?
Me: Yes! It’s like this: the company is small enough that I cannot be just an anonymous person who no one will notice and yet big enough that all these people will know about me is probably those short interactions in the break room. And if I make a fool of myself in there – spilling my food, exploding things in the microwave, stumbling over my words while making small talk, tripping over my own feet – that’s all they’ll have to go on. They won’t know the rest of me. Unlike with you, I can be a complete fool because I know you really know me, but they’re all sudo-strangers – not stranger enough that I can dismiss them, but not familiar enough for me to be at ease.
Nate: Being you sounds difficult.
Me: Yes, yes it is…

Fact: I give myself a mental pat on the back every time I face my fears or manage to mingle or socialize without being too self-conscious. It’s been harder post-college, and it’s a continual struggle, so sometimes I prefer to just avoid the anxiety and eat really early or really late in the work day.