Caliban and a Tissue Box

What is it about my cats and tissue boxes?

Caught this clip while I was having breakfast and thought I’d share it here:

We had placed the toy in the box for Fafnir the night before. Fafnir¬†loves puzzles and pulling things out of boxes. He doesn’t get stuck anymore since he knows how to just stay still back back kick it off his head.

Caliban, however, is new to this. I didn’t even see him start playing with the box. I just heard the crash as he backed into the sliding door and grabbed my camera. I was planning to pull it off his head if he got too panicked trying to figure it out, but turns out he could handle it on his own. : )


Coned Grendel with Tissues

Here’s Grendel in the early cone days trying to get her teeth on some tissues, but also falling asleep in the process. Background sounds include: The dishwasher, Nate trying to figure out his next move in a game of Quarriors (awesome dice-building game), and my commenting on Grendel’s antics.